IMPOSTOR MITIGATION FOR social networking profiles

Who is pretending...
To be you?

Social Impostor is a customized service that searches for, finds and mitigates the removal of fake social network accounts. Our clients are typically high-profile corporations, actors, athletes, sports teams, models, musicians, politicians, military officers, business people, ministries, members of the clergy and their management teams.


Impostor profiles removed to date


Your reputation is key

Whether you’re a small business, multi-billion dollar corporation or high-profile individual, your reputation is priceless. A “verified” social network account doesn't eliminate fake accounts or the problems they create. The names and photos of high-profile celebrities, sports teams, government officials and companies are used to create impostor social network accounts, and more recently even impostor “verified” Twitter accounts.  Posts on these impostor accounts can result in negative media attention, confused fans, scam solicitations for charitable causes, and billions of dollars of losses for companies’ market capital -- all of which damage your reputation and value.

What we do

Social Impostor finds and mitigates removal of impostor accounts using our proprietary technology.   Our mitigation specialists do daily searches and removal submissions, saving you time and aggravation. To date, we have removed 0 impostor accounts. 


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